Possible Additions to the Project
Any software program created is prone to bugs and errors and here are the few we found and things that other developers who may use our code should be aware of.
1) The CSS can be fixed as the website does not handle the position of the control properly, especially when the window size is reduced.
2) The Pagination is buggy: When a search has been made and a different search is now performed the website doesn't paginate properly. Quick fix would be to refresh the browser or try to click the first page and click the search button twice. (Sometimes)
3) Automated Deleted of out-of-date urls in the database using the maintenance plan in MS SQL Server.
4) The addition of urls to the database can be done using the web crawlers as well
5) Lets say we preform a websearch for prezi and we type in "pr" we get the list of all the chars that start with "pr" whether it be a word or a substring in a word. This is something that can also be fixed.
6) Internationalization: Supporting other languages.

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