With the internet growing at the pace it is we need the ability to search for website contents whether they are webpages, videos, music, images etc. This was the main reason for the creation of search engines .
Nowadays the major search engines used are Google and Microsoft's Binghttp://www.ebizmba.com/articles/search-engines.
In the following project we create a search engine based on the KeyWord In Content (KWIC) System.
The web application was created using the ASP.NET 4.x Web Framework and a demo is available on the the web http://www.mgsprojects.com.
The web framework uses 2 different Software Architecture and are discussed briefly in the Software Architectures Section. Then the list of features which are the part of the functional requirement that need to be satisfied are also mentioned below. After which comes the "how to's" of using the search engine and the dashboard. Finally we discuss the WOW factors, the features that make our search engine perform better, the possible future updates and the references. (links for all the sections are provided below)

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