The database was created using the MS SQL Server on winhost.
Database Schema: url_info("urlid", "urldescriptor"," urlhyperlink", "datemodified")
Abstract Data Type Architecture as we know has bad performance with respect to,
* Space: As the data has to be copied from one object to another.
* Time: Copying of the data from one object to another takes time.
Hence to improve the performance of the web application where ever we can use decide to use indexes and MS SQL Server makes this a very easy to create.
Clustered Index on urlid: (Not significant as no searches are performed on the database w.r.t urlid)
Non-Clustered Index on the urldescriptor
Note: Clustered Index on urldescriptor will cause an overhead when inserting data into the database hence we chose Non Clustered Index in its place.

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