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Welcome Reader,

The following project website was created by Team Hestia in partial fulfillment of the requirements for CS6362.001, Advanced Software Architecture And Design submitted to Dr.Lawrence Chung, University of Texas at Dallas. (10/19/2012)-(12/06/2012).

In this project a KWIC (Key Word In Context) System(Phase 1) was created that provided the initial foundation for the Cyberminer Search Engine(Phase 2) to be created. This project is Phase 2 where the Cyberminer search engine is created on top of the KWIC System

You may use the Navigation bar to navigate within the website. Major Parts of the website are explained below,

1) Cyberminer: This webpage is where you can make searches to the database. (In the Cyberminer Page please check X-ray to see the KWIC System, Circular Shift, Noise Eliminator, Alphabetizer in action.)

2) Dashboard: Where the Database Administrator enters the urls enter urls into the database.

For more information please check out our Documentation.
Note: This project may not be updated and this may the final version.

Note: The project documents can be found on our website hosted on our university.

Note: Our demo website can be found over here.

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